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Hallmark ornaments

Welcome to AMM/Christmas Past Hallmark Ornaments.   We've added the currently available 2014 Hallmark ornaments to our website.  Thousands of 2013 and older Hallmark ornaments are still available you fill in any gaps in your collection.  We are still adding the inventory from another secondary market dealer we acquired as quickly as possible.  Please check back frequently to see our updated inventory. 

AMM/Christmas Past is a secondary market dealer of Hallmark ornaments.  We sell only new/unused ornaments that were purchased from authorized Hallmark retailers.  Don't get Hooked on used Hallmark Ornaments!  If you don’t want to purchase used ornaments, be sure to check the dealer’s policy on buying ornament collections.  If they buy ornaments from individual collections, then they are often selling used ornaments. 

Ornament collectors, please don’t send us your lists of ornaments for sale.  We buy our ornaments from authorized Hallmark retailers only.

We also have Enesco and Carlton Christmas ornaments in our inventory. We added hundreds of them from the 1990s, including many "licensed property" ornaments like Barbie, Monopoly, Coca-Cola, Planters Peanuts, Hershey's, and McDonald's. We have thousands more we will be adding as fast as we can.  Check back often to see them.  


We received the Hallmark Keepsake Queen Elsa ornament, but got fewer than we expected.  We have a few available to ship now.

The 2014 Hallmark Ornament Debut event is October 4 - 12th. Hallmark will unveil over 100 new ornaments, including seven limited quantity designs.  Be sure to stop by your local Hallmark store to see what's new.

We've decided not to carry the American Greetings/Carlton Heirloom Barbie ornaments for 2014. We just don't feel the quality of the sculpts are up to what our customers expect. American Greetings is selling the 2014 Barbie ornaments on their website at http://www.americangreetings.com/barbie-ornaments. 

American Greetings/Carlton Heirloom has released their 2014 ornament catalog early.  Here's pictures of how the 2014 Barbie ornaments will look:

2014 Barbie Ornaments from Hallmark ornaments at AMM/Christmas Past

more 2014 Barbie Ornaments from Hallmark ornaments at AMM/Christmas Past


If you are collecting the Peanuts Monthly series, the fifth ornament in the series was released on November 1, 2013.  It is named "A Very Special Tree" and features Charlie Brown.  If you missed any in this series, there have been reports of many Hallmark stores receiving recent shipments of the first four ornaments in this series.  It is worth checking again to see if your local store has one of the earlier ornaments in the series that you missed.  Hallmark will have a new monthly series beginning in July 2014 that will feature Disney characters.

The Hallmark Ornament Debut event is scheduled for October 5-13, 2013.  Hallmark will unveil more than 100 new ornaments in the 2013 collection.  Crown Rewards card holders will earn extra points for ornament purchases and there will be six limited edition ornaments available for purchase.  See your local Hallmark store for details.

The 2013 Carlton Heirloom ornaments have arrived, including the Holiday Barbie, Wicked 10th Anniversary, Hot Wheels, Betty Boop, Beatles, Coca-Cola and many more.

The 15th Anniversary Mischievous Kittens ornament will be available to Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club members starting September 7, 2013.  We've heard there are some quality issues with this ornament, so be sure to inspect yours before leaving the store.

Hallmark will not have any Barbie ornaments in the 2013 Keepsake Ornament Collection.  American Greetings holds the license to produce Barbie ornaments this year.  There are six Barbie ornaments in the 2013 Carlton Heirloom Ornament Collection, including a Holiday Barbie series and a Barbie Vintage Fashion series.  We just received our order for the Barbie ornaments and have listed them for sale.   In addition to the two ornaments already mentioned, we have the African-American Holiday Barbie #1, Prima Ballerina Barbie, Sophisticated Lady, and the 1959 Debut Barbie ornament.

2013 is the final year for the Kringleville and the Mickey's Christmas Carol series.




Auntie, Mom & Me/Christmas Past is a secondary market dealer of 2014 and retired Hallmark ornaments. We are not affiliated with Hallmark Cards Inc. or any Hallmark store. Copyright 1995-2014.